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  • excavation machine
  • excavation machine and construction workers
  • excavation in dirt
  • trenching machine
    Our experienced team offers all kinds of excavation and trenching for any project, big or small. We excavate and trench for installing conduit, underground utilities, parking lot lights, concrete pads and an unlimited number of other things.

    Hole Drilling

    hole drilling
    hole drilling on street
    EDS Lighting and Underground Utilities Inc. is equipped and qualified to provide hole drilling for any of your project needs and is generally used for light pole base projects.

    Concrete Services

    • concrete pad
    • light concrete pad
    • concrete base
    • concrete
    • concrete piers
      Our concrete services include, but are not limited to, concrete bases for pole bases, concrete pads for electrical panels and concrete piers.

      Underground Utilities

      underground utilities
      Our team handles the installation of underground utilities, including water, power, sewer, gas, irrigation, phone and a range of other utilities. We offer this service for new structures as well as the replacement or modification of existing utilities. Additionally, old, worn and decayed piping can be replaced.

      Service and Maintenance

      Our team provides service and maintenance on signs and site lighting. We can do anything from installations and simple repair to our energy-saving LED retrofit lighting services.

      Bucket Truck Services

      bucket truck
      eds bucket truck

      Bucket trucks are used in a wide variety of high-reach projects, and we offer bucket truck services for any needs you may have. Our fully trained operator comes with the truck and will assist you in any and all of your bucket-truck needs to help you complete your projects safely and in a timely manner.

      Sign Installation

      EDS Lighting and Underground Utilities Inc. provides sign installation services. Our experienced team will ensure that your sign is safely and properly installed to your satisfaction.

      Electrical Contractor

      Our qualified contractors are trained to deal with residential and commercial electrical needs.

      What We Do

      • Commercial/industrial electrical contractors
        Directional boring
        Vacuum excavation
        Commercial and industrial site lighting
        Parking lot lighting
        Lighting retrofits
        Security lighting
        Stadium lighting
        Decorative lighting
        Underground utilities
        Hole drilling

        Bucket truck services

        Service and maintenance
        Layout and design
        Concrete bases
        Concrete piers
        Concrete pads
        Kohler residential/commercial generators
        Sign install/hookups
      • Rock Drilling

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