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Quality Site Lighting & Light Maintenance

     Trust the skilled team at E-D-S Lighting & Underground Utilities in Greenville, South Carolina, to provide the best site lighting and light maintenance services to suit your needs. With more than 30-years of professional experience, our crew is there to help when you need it.

Commercial Site Lighting

    Whether your project is a parking lot, stadium, decorative, or security project, our crew can provide unique, tailored site lighting to suit your needs. We’ll install all the concrete bases, fixtures, and lighting solutions to give you a turnkey application you can start with today. Our light range includes LED, metal-halide, and high-pressure sodium lighting. These provide brighter, more efficient solutions for all your lighting needs.

    Our team will provide complete layout and design of your site lighting system based on your needs. We’ll take your input about areas that need to be lit and design a system that completely and efficiently meets your needs.

Lighting Maintenance

   Once your system is installed, you’ll want someone to help you keep them up. That’s a lot of lights to keep track of, so our crew provides professional lighting maintenance. Our team maintains parking lot and canopy lights, and our convenient service contracts ensure you have the service you need, when you need it. We also offer bucket truck rental by the hour or day, and we can help locate and mark underground utilities before any digging takes place.


    • Parking Lot Lighting
    • Outdoor Lighting
    • Indoor Lighting
    • Decorative Lighting
    • Stadium Lighting
    • Security Lighting
    • Commercial/Industrial Site Lighting
    • Residential Lighting
    • Lighting Maintenance

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 Led Lighting Retrofits

Parking Lot Lighting

Decorative Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting Maintenance



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